icewalker 发表于 2024-3-25 20:51:09

[Share]sdcc toolchain support

dwin released some C51 source codes for T5L core, in order to work with Keil developemnt tool. but I choose to use sdcc. After reading the source codes for Keil c51. I figured out only a few changes can make sdcc work as well.

1. put DWINT5 to the right place. I get this done by assmbly code. I put following code into and link it to my firmware.
.area CSEG (abs, CODE)
.org 0xf8
.globl __T5L_init__
__T5L_init__: .db 0xff, 0xff
            .db 'D','W','I','N','T','5'

2. make sure initialize the registers at the beginning of the "main" function.
          CKCON = 0x00;
      T2CON = 0x70;
      DPC = 0x00;
      PAGESEL = 0x01;
      D_PAGESEL = 0x02; //DATA RAM0x8000-0xFFFF
      MUX_SEL = 0x00;   //UART2,UART3关闭,WDT关闭
      RAMMODE = 0x00;

3.   make sure the linker included following options: --xram-loc 0x8000 --xram-size 0x7fff.
      because the external ram starts from 0x8000 to 0xffff, only 32k, not 65k.

4.   the sdcc has different mcs51 extentions vs Keil.   
      for example, all the keywords __xdata, __data, __sfr. everything has "__" as prefix. I have to go through all the SFR definitions to replace the Keil style with sdcc style.

Keil is the best 8051 compiler, but sdcc still works and free.

DWIN-ARK 发表于 2024-4-2 19:09:22

Dear,thank you for sharing your experience.
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