DoMiaN115 发表于 2023-12-6 18:56:50

[Question]DMG10600T070_A5WTC curve data automatic reading configuration

Hi everybody.
There is a problem: the "curve data automatic reading configuration" does not work on the DMG10600T070_A5WTC display.

I also have DMG48270C043_15WTR and DMG80480C070_15WTR that have this feature working.
The kernel version of these two is v6.1.
The kernel version of the problematic one was v5.3, after I updated it via sdcard to v6.5, but this did not solve the problem.

I also loaded DWIN_SET from DMG80480C070_15WTR into the problematic one, the graphs were also not drawn.

What could be the reason and how to solve the problem?

DWIN-ARK 发表于 2023-12-6 21:36:59

need to write 0x5A to the higher byte of the 0x0380 address before you can read data from the variable address.
For example:
Use curve 0 channel, data range 0 to 100, variable address 0x6000, 100ms read once.
The instructions are as follows:
Variable address Write data 50:5A A5 05 82 6000 0032

DoMiaN115 发表于 2023-12-6 22:12:51

Yes, I did, but in the DMG10060T070_A5WTC display, this feature still does not work, unlike in DMG48270C043_15WTR and DMG80480C070_15WTR.

Could there be a problem with the difference in processors? (T5L2 vs T5L1/T5L0)

luoyangdwin1 发表于 2023-12-7 08:57:25

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Abnormal serial port screen, burning an empty DWIN_ SET folder, take a photo of the blue screen card reading interface.
Try updating this file

DoMiaN115 发表于 2023-12-10 19:48:17

Thanks, this binary helped me.
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