DoMiaN115 发表于 2024-2-22 18:53:56

[Question]DMG10768T150_15WTR black screen

Hello everyone.

There is a problem with the DMG10768T150_15WTR display. Initially, a 7 V 0.3A power adapter was used, the screen was constantly turned on and off. I replaced it with the recommended 12V 2A power supply, the factory demo was loaded, but it could not be controlled by touch. I decided to upload my project to this display via a microSD adapter. During the boot process, the screen went out and no longer turned on (without backlight). I decided to use PGT05 and it kind of burned. But the screen still won't turn on, even in boot mode.

What can I still do? Could this problem have happened as a result of the lock switch on microSD?

ZVIP7679 发表于 2024-2-22 19:53:22

Hi,You can try the attached factory engineering file to see if it can light up the screen.
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