lsidl 发表于 2024-2-28 11:10:42

[Question]Black screen after V65 update

Hi. After uploading files to the display, the backlight is on, the screen is black. When trying to download a demo project, the blue screen does not appear. I additionally tried to write the T5L_TCON_SET_20240202.INI file several more times, it does not help. before that, the kernel version was V55.

Yangjc1030 发表于 2024-2-28 13:22:50

Hello, please try this factory demo can restore normal.

lsidl 发表于 2024-2-28 19:41:29

I tried to download these files. nothing has changed.

dw涂涂 发表于 2024-2-29 11:03:27

lsidl 发表于 2024-2-28 19:41
I tried to download these files. nothing has changed.

Hello, could you please refresh this file and try to see if the screen is restored to normal

lsidl 发表于 2024-2-29 20:50:06

It helped. Strangely, I tried to do the same. I have the firmware for v55. but it didn't work.

lsidl 发表于 2024-2-29 20:53:56

Thank you friend!

lsidl 发表于 2024-2-29 20:54:44

Thank you friend!

dw涂涂 发表于 2024-3-1 09:02:56

lsidl 发表于 2024-2-29 20:54
Thank you friend!

Hello,DMG12720C050_03WTC upgrading a V41 + kernel requires an AVDD version. If you are using a standard kernel, use a V41 or lower kernel version
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